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  An English Country Dance  
  Seattle, WA — May 5-7, 2017  

Bruce Hamilton  

Bruce Hamilton
Dancing Master

Erik Weberg, Special Caller

Laurie Andres, Music Director

Frank Brown, Sound Engineer


Bruce Hamilton is a well-respected teacher of English and Scottish dancing with 45 years' experience. He has launched classes, trained teachers, coached performing groups and adjudicated festivals.

A retired research scientist, Bruce is always looking for new ways to understand and present ideas. He tries to weave many threads besides technique and choreography into his lessons. Music, sociability and physiology are his current favorites. People often say they come away with things to think about and ways to grow. His weekend teacher's class also draws high praise.

Bruce lives in Menlo Park, California with his wife Jo and as many dogs and cats as her rescue operation happens to have on hand. He runs a biweekly English dance class, and is the recent past president of the Country Dance and Song Society.

Erik Weberg had been calling contra dances for about ten years when he became interested in the challenges and joys of teaching English dances. Under the encouragement and guidance of Nan Evans and Mary Devlin, he navigated the various complexities of reapplying his teaching skills to the rich variety in the ECD world. He learned a new voice, gathered repertoire, and set about learning the craft in his home port of Portland, Oregon.

As a musician as well as a caller, Erik has a unique perspective in conveying dancing as a holistic enterprise. In the last fifteen years or so of calling English dances, Erik has developed a love for the wide variety of meters, moods and modes, and he is keenly aware of the mountain of knowledge and skill yet to be gained.

Laurie Andres - Music Director. Laurie has been a musician and caller for over 30 years. He picks the perfect match of musicians for each workshop. We have the best musicians in the Northwest, and Laurie superbly combines them for your dancing pleasure. With this year's combination of caller, musicians, and sound engineer, your dancing experience will be unparalleled.

Location - Seattle Latvian Center, 11710 3rd Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125.    Map   Nearby Hotels  

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